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Multigaming Tennis Tour

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Multigaming Tennis Tour is a simuleted project based on game Tennis Elbow 2013 and ITST mod. Each member can create a tennis player and by being active in the forum, training and participating in tournaments they can develop player's skills. In the past this project was based in

What differs this project from others?

First of all it's individual. You don't have to create teams and each players success is based on how they make decisions in forum.

Second, you'll be able to view game highlights for tournament's semi-finals and final.

Third, join the tour at any time, even during mid-season .

We're going to create tournaments from ATP tour. All Masters 1000 and Grand Slams as well as couple of Masters 500. This tour also features Davis Cup and Season Finals.


By default all skills are on 5. You can add 25 skill points to any skill of your choice.

Name :
Surname :
Height :
Weight :
Nationality :
Play style :
              1. Puncher - A player who is good at attacking from mid-court.
              2. Varied - Player who is a good all-rounder.
              3. Volleyer - A player who loves attack the net.
              4. Counter - A player with high Counter-attacking skill
              5. Defender - Loves to play defensive game.
              6. Power-baseliner - A player who can endure long rallies and likes playing from the back line.

Skills. You can add 25 points to whatever skill you want.

Forehand strength : 5
Forehand stability: 5
Forehand accuracy: 5

Backhand strength : 5
Backhand stability: 5
Backhand accuracy: 5

Forehand Volley : 5
Backhand Volley : 5
Smash : 5

Serve :
Serve strength : 5
Serve stability: 5
Serve accuracy: 5

Physical characteristics :
Speed: 10 ( skill can not be changed !)
Endurance : 5

Specific skills
Lob : 5
Counterattack : 5

Right-handed / left-handed :


Hat : yes / no (color )

Hair: None / short / medium / long / very long

Shirt : Choose one (colors can be changed)

HEAD shirts

Wilson shirts

Babolat shirts

Yonex shirts

Racket : color

Grip : color

Strings : color

Shorts: Two Colors

Socks : color

Shoes : color

Registred :

Registering continues throughtout the whole season.
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Start your career here!
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